we are kin.


We are Kin.

We are a multi-disciplinary design firm.

We make spaces and things.

We think cities should belong to people.
We believe in civic design.

Our tools are resiliency, community, solidarity.
We dabble in the practical and soulful.
We excavate in imagination.

We start from stories.
We value uncertainty and indeterminacy.

We work between and across mediums — architecture, installation, video, image, photography, collage, design.

We like muddy boots and hidden corners
and good laughter around linoleum tables.

We know that design can change the world.

If that sounds interesting to you,
let’s work together.

what we do


we like to build things.

we can help you with:

  • architectural design
  • place-making
  • tactical urbanism
  • pop-ups and events
  • public art + installations
  • space-planning

  • landscape design
  • programming
  • space optimization
  • community engagement
  • strategic development

we like to talk about new horizons.

our values

we believe that the best design comes from good relationships.
we like working with people who are innovating and excited.

we believe in taking time, mulling over, saturating and synthesizing.
we like to let a project simmer until it’s seasoned.

we place extraordinary value in assembling the right design team for each project and place.
we work with people who can imagine beyond the already-known.

we work with generosity — we have an open-door policy and don’t mind sharing rough sketches and half-finished ideas.

we strongly believe in inviting you into the project: after all, we are trying to make something together.

contact us:

we are always looking for exciting people.

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